Vitalised by ingenuity; Complemented by creativity and Stimulated by imaginative freedom

Debbie’s innovative, multisensory workshops have taken her around the world inspiring community, corporate and educational groups. She has a global reputation for leading accessible workshops for all. Her diverse heritage enables her work and creates empathy with all her workshop participants, where her skills as a storyteller and interest in global history and environmental science add depth to every workshop and leave a legacy of wellbeing.

Sihina - Dreams Projects
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Tower of London CAS Training

Community Sector

Debbie works with groups, enhancing the skills of individuals through multisensory workshops, which have a focus on health and wellbeing. The workshops promote positive thinking, raise self-esteem and increase confidence whilst developing and gaining new skills.

Debbie is the Founder of Sihina - Dreams projects which include the Cloth of Dreams, the Book of Dreams, the Dance of Dreams and the Song of Dreams which are intergenerational community projects promoting health and wellbeing through people’s stories, hopes and dreams.

“Personally, I felt more connected to the champions and the residents as I learnt things that I never would have.” Kimberley Durrance, Health and Communities Project Manager, PDT, London

“The project participants felt special, the nature of the activity being deeply personal and specific to that individual. It was empowering for the participants - parents and teachers. The project connected communities in a very creative way, supporting social cohesion in the process and it validated and respected individuals’ backgrounds and heritages.” Peter Watt, Deputy Head of Centre, Portman Early Childhood Centre, Church Street Ward, Westminster, London

“I feel very, very happy and I can go home and face the world til next week. It gave me good energy for the whole week!” Iwona, Civil Engineer, Cloth of Dreams, London

“I never sew and I’m enjoying this project…to create things by myself. It helps me to be calm and relaxed, be creative, make friends and speak with them during the project. I’m so proud as I never imagined that I can do this!” Caroline, Dentist, Cloth of Dreams, London

“The process boosted participants’ confidence and the inner barriers that at times are obstacles in engaging in group activities were broken. Also very beneficial was the celebration session, where our group felt part of something larger that involved different groups, different types of people and a wider reach of this cross of traditional crafts with modern perspectives.” Catarina Sousa, Penfold Community Hub Officer, Notting Hill Genesis, London

“The chance to be very creative here was very valuable… I am an artist and because of depression and other illnesses I don’t get to do much stuff.” Karen, Artist, Cloth of Dreams, London

Cloth of Dreams Workshop

Corporate Sector

Debbie is an experienced workshop facilitator, where her skills bring individuals and teams together in a shared experience and leave a legacy of wellbeing. Her specialist workshops are focused, have a global dimension and develop individual’s skills. Debbie also designs and leads bespoke workshops for participants. These can be booked individually or as a series.

“Your workshop was an insight into the land of imagination and the minds of others.” Joanne (ICT manager), Opening Doors workshop, UK

“The team bonded together in unexpected ways and the conversation and laughter had an ease which we have continued to see since the day spent with you.” Suraya, Team building workshop, Nottingham

“Thanks Debbie, I’ve learnt new skills, new ways of working and enjoyed getting to know my co-consultants in a creative way.” Brian, Opening Doors series, Sydney, Australia

Storytelling and Movement Workshop

Educational Sector

Debbie’s workshops are targeted, curriculum based, focused and fun for children and adults, with the enrichment of bringing people together whilst learning and developing their skills. The workshops can be thematic, cross-curricular or bespoke and booked singly or as a series.

“Fantastic stories, I really enjoyed it. I don’t tell stories to my kids because my dad was a great storyteller and I can’t be like him, but you’ve made me confident enough to try.” Steve (Ben’s dad), ‘Starting with Stories’ workshop, Lakeside Community Primary School, Derby

“The teachers thought you were fantastic. What came across were your sincerity and your passion. It was very successful and we’d love you to come again.” Nick, Literacy Coordinator, Thomas’ School, London

“I thought the idea that we all have a diamond inside us was great, especially good for our Year 7 students to hear. I watched their faces light up!” Cross Curricular Workshops, Sally, Deputy Head, Plashet School, London

“Thank you for all you do. It’s been wonderful. I have so enjoyed it all and the confidence in me has so increased. I would normally consider myself shy, but that has just disappeared in the group.” Dorothy, Early Years Teacher, Tiny Tales project, East Staffordshire

“The kids loved it! They have achieved so much in this project. They had fun sharing their story strings in showing assembly. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and expertise.” Gill, Head, Bewbush Primary School, West Sussex Storytelling Project

Story Strings Workshop


  • Historic Royal Palaces, UK
  • Westminster City Council, London, England
  • Seattle Libraries, Seattle, USA
  • Wexford Libraries, Ireland
  • British Museum, London, England
  • Museum of London, London, England
  • Horniman Museum, London, England
  • National Portrait Gallery, London, England
  • Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, England
  • Schools, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka and UK
  • Ostara Australia, Australia
  • English Heritage, England
  • MEC Global, New York, USA
  • Locality, England
  • BP plc, England

Cloth of Dreams Workshop