Creative Trainer

Devised by history, science and language; Strengthened by innovative thinking and Propelled by extraordinary vision

Debbie’s multi-faceted approach has helped raise business, community and educational profiles globally through her innovative workshops and seminars. She has a reputation for transforming people into inspirational, motivational and compelling speakers via integrated storytelling and presentation skills.

Debbie is also an accomplished speaker at conferences and events, entwining fact and emotive language so the themes are seamless and the message is clear. Her experience and her art as a public speaker add depth and ensure that her audiences are inspired, leave with a feeling of wellbeing and motivated to generate change.

Debbie works as a mentor with individuals, advising, challenging and guiding each person to excel. Her mentorship results in confident individuals who can connect and communicate their core values, vision and strategy.

Debbie is the Founder of Sihina - Dreams projects which include the Cloth of Dreams, the Book of Dreams, the Dance of Dreams and the Song of Dreams. These are skills based projects with a health and wellbeing focus which have changed lives.

Sihina - Dreams Projects
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Tower of London - CAS Training

Community Sector

Debbie works with community groups and individuals on effective personal and professional development using storytelling as the medium. Storytelling encourages a questioning attitude, where people can examine and challenge the ideas underlying what is said and reflect upon them together. Storytelling also links people to one another, encouraging communication and understanding in our global community. These are emphasised and encouraged during Debbie’s training sessions, aiding individuals and groups.

“The project participants felt special, the nature of the activity being deeply personal and specific to that individual. It was empowering for the participants - parents and teachers. The project connected communities in a very creative way, supporting social cohesion in the process and it validated and respected individuals’ backgrounds and heritages.” Peter Watt, Deputy Head of Centre, Portman Early Childhood Centre, Church Street Ward, Westminster, London

“I really appreciate the fantastic opportunity you give for us. I really enjoy sewing and chatting and learning English.” Michiru, Cloth of Dreams project, London

“I’ve been to loads of training and this is fantastic because it’s so practical. You’ve worked us through the ideas. So creative and multisensory.” Sultana, CAS Training, Historic Royal Palaces, UK

“Our residents can become isolated and when they come here, your project enables them to be part of a community wide group and interact and have more time from people coming in. Social interaction goes on and this is important in terms of quality of life and for those who have dementia, it reduces some of the impact. Your project enabled us to have a different relationship with the local groups around us. It was a shared community experience.” Denis Kane, Penfold Community Hub Manager, Notting Hill Genesis, London

“Fantastic!!! Outstanding day, full of discovery. Great to see the Tower from a different angle. Memorable and inspiring. Thank you! Can't wait to bring the students!” Sayida, New City College, Community Access Training, Tower of London, Historic Royal Palaces, London

“You brought the people together even though they were from all over the world with the making and the sharing of their stories. Interesting that there were unique stitches to their native land and also common ones worldwide. They had community interaction and cultural exchange. Good for mental health as reminiscing about the positive stories from your past can make you feel proud! Breaking down of barriers. You made it possible, as you created an atmosphere, they were leading and you were the inspiration, you were very flexible and allowed them to flourish and you guided them wherever they needed.” Mahbuba Khan, Community Outreach Officer, City Management and Communities, Westminster, London

CAS Training 'Rights owned by Kensington Palace'

Storytelling and shadow puppetry workshop

Corporate Sector

Since time immemorial human beings have communicated their ideas through storytelling and great leaders throughout history have used story to inspire, persuade and motivate.

Debbie’s commitment to raising standards will enlighten leaders with her involvement and delivery, enabling development and change whilst advising, challenging and guiding each person to excel. Her training results in confident individuals who can connect and communicate their core values, vision and strategy.

“Thank you for the ‘Opening Doors’ programme. Your creative vision and expertly delivered workshops have left us with the legacy of an innovative way forward in helping both the consultants and their clients.” Mistral, CEO, Ostara Australia

“The points you gave about how to deal with the unexpected during presentations, are invaluable and I will incorporate them into my future presentations.” Alex, Research Scientist

“I moved the board away during my second presentation, as you suggested. Although I was nervous about losing the barrier between my audience and myself, I am amazed at the sense of freedom it gave me. We were connected in a different way, more direct and meaningful.” Erika, ICT Manager

“Thank you for making me look at things with ‘new eyes’. It has been inspiring!” Georg, MEC Global, Norway

Ostara Australia - Opening Doors training workshop

Educational Sector

It is through storytelling that we most readily learn, whatever our age. Research has shown that narrative is the most common form of language used in spoken adult communication across the globe. Adults and children alike, tell stories in order to give meaning and significance to their lives.

As a creative trainer and qualified teacher, Debbie has developed inclusive, skills based, effective personal and professional development which raise standards . As a trained scientist, she also offers cross curricular approaches to the topic based curriculum. The specialist inset Debbie provides focuses on the three core skills of speaking, listening and writing and are tailored to the needs of individual schools and individual learners.

Debbie trains individuals in the art of storytelling and public speaking, where the emphasis is on raising confidence and finding their authentic voice. Debbie is the Founder of Small Tales Storytelling Clubs, the first storytelling clubs in the UK. Young storytellers aged 7 – 18 years are trained in a 7-year apprenticeship and perform nationally.

“I want to be a storyteller because it inspires me and lets my heart fly out of my body and take wings.” Araminta, age 12, STSC young storyteller

“I want to be a storyteller because I wanted to feel confident with my voice. Now I perform on my own, feeling confident.” Caitlin, age 10, STSC young storyteller

“I want to be a storyteller so I can communicate with people.” Matthew, age 13, STSC young storyteller

“I see it all now; I’ve got the secret you were trying to show me!” Jack, Storyteller, Master Class, Enniscorthy, Ireland

“It was seen as a wellbeing session, it was a lot of fun and entertaining to hear colleagues back stories and we see this as a positive future and longer session as it fits into our school planning.” Staff Inset, Portman Early Childhood Centre, Church Street Ward, Westminster, London

“Thank you for a very successful day. I could see the increase in confidence and the practicality of your inset session, especially in the connections made between the staff and their ease of sharing and trying new ideas.” Stuart, Head, Avondale School, Salisbury

Teachers' wellbeing workshop


  • Historic Royal Palaces, UK
  • Westminster City Council, London, England
  • Ostara Australia, Australia
  • English Heritage, England
  • MEC Global, New York, USA
  • Locality, England
  • BP plc, England
  • Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, London, England
  • Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham, England
  • Seattle Libraries, Seattle, USA
  • Wexford Libraries, Ireland
  • British Museum, London, England
  • Museum of London, London, England
  • Schools, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka and UK
CAS Training 'Rights owned by Kensington Palace'